Saturday, 2 August 2014

First Blog #Review for Fun in the Sun

 Check out author James Reed's @NLPublications #review for @Hoeroticabooks Fun in the Sun. Naughty Ladies Publications' Blog #erotica #anthology 

 It's great receiving feedback from others who aren't a part of your close circle of friends. As much as I love my friends dearly, I often wonder if they tell me they like my stories just to be pleasant. You know, kind of like when you eat someones cooking. You either love it because it's perfect, or you think it could use a lot more seasoning but tell them it's delicious anyway.

 True feedback good or bad, is appreciated but it is also very hard to get it. Someone downloads a book that perhaps sits in their device for a month before it's read, then forgets to give it a review. We've all done it. Authors will get noticed more when readers spread the word telling other readers what they loved, sometimes hated, about a book. Same goes for just about everything else in life.

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