Wednesday, 11 June 2014

'Straight Up' in 'Landing Strip'

I've just finished touching up my second submission to be published by House of Erotica. It's a naughty short story called 'Straight Up', with the theme of the Mile High Club. How daring and sexy is that? I had the same feedback for it from friends, as I did with my short story 'Private Eyes' which was featured in 'Fun in the Sun'. Getting it touched up was grueling. After reading it over so many times, my eyes miss things. Of course, my mom would catch a few typos after I've sent it off to be published. #sadtrombone I should hire her, or at least give her more hugs when she comes over.

'Straight Up' will be featured in 'Landing Strip' sometime this month.

 I love calls for submissions as it gets the cobwebs off my mind, and gives me a kick in the butt. I find it easier to write when someone gives me an idea. I was lucky enough to find the call for submission not long after I wrote my first published short 'Private Eyes'. Both might have been posted around the same time, but the deadline for 'Fun in the Sun' was for a month earlier. 'Straight Up' picks up shortly after where Nick and Mia left off in 'Private Eyes', yet the story can stand alone without having to read the first one. But you know, now you are curious as to what the hell went on with them in 'Private Eyes' right?

Oh I'll give you the story description, I'm not that cruel.

Private Eyes by H.L. Lola
Mia is an overworked ad designer who wins a much-needed weekend trip to a tropical paradise. Once there, she takes advantage of the sizzling break, losing all her inhibitions.
Nick, a paramedic in one of the busiest cities in the world also wins a trip to the same tropical resort. After spotting a feisty woman in the water, his carnal desires are ignited.
Thousands of miles from home, but only a cabin apart, Mia and Nick would each discover their fun in the sun would change them forever.

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