Sunday, 15 June 2014

What am I thinking?

Back in October, I found out that my library was offering card holders to take up to five online classes for free. They were offering free cards and free classes, to celebrate 100 years of existence. I could not resist something for free and signed up for two at the time. Before the end of the year I had signed up for more courses on writing. Once the year was up, the library made the decision to offer all online classes for free, no limit on time or amount of classes. I quickly signed up for three more classes to take all at the same time. I was pleased with myself to be writing, and shocked that I was in the high nineties in all my classes; which was seven different classes in six months by the way.

Yes, I was not the best student back in the day, I was too busy thinking of boys. Many distractions, crazy home life and teenage angst.

Anyway, the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) just won best library of the year award. Out of all of North America, my city up came on top, the first for a Canadian library. Congrats to them for winning such a great award. If it were not for EPL offering free classes, I never would have had the chance to take them. 

I've just signed up for another class. Social media marketing. I have no clue if it's a good class, or if it will help me pimp out my books, but hey why not? I kind of like hectic, multitasking, biting off more than I can chew. It's a huge challenge that will hopefully pay off.

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