Friday, 20 June 2014

What naughty things do you like to read?

I have found a few more calls for submission to write for. One is for a freebie book of any topic. Another one I found was for F/F with any genre, I'm pretty sure I can manage that one. ;) And the third one is for M/F safe sex. That story I'll be adding some soon to be familiar characters in it. 

So now that I have a few stories to get plotting out, I'm racking my brain as to what people are into reading. Billionaire stories seem to have a lot of readers. Is it really more interesting than a ménage or pubic sex with an average working person, someone more believable? I'd love to hear from anyone reading my blog. Don't be shy. We are all human here, well except for the webcrawlers/bots that read along too.

I write for both sexes in mind, and I'm happy if everyone was to enjoy what they read. That is the point of reading erotica right, relaxing and having some fun? So please give me a shout and let me know what interests you when you are reading smut and spanking the monkey/flicking the bean. 

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